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Keep on Your Toes

Post By: Mandy Blackmon PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT

Let ‘s keep you on your toes this season!

Having treated dancers in the Atlanta area for 9 years, the holiday season always arrives with a bit of hope and apprehension.  My ballerinas are preparing for the Nutcracker.  My Irish step dancers are preparing for Southeastern Regional Oireachtas in Orlando. Even my adult, recreational dancers are in performance mode with upcoming events at Dance 101.  Whether you are a Snowflake or the Sugar Plum Fairy, you need to be at your best.  As much as I love treating dancers of all ages and styles, I would much rather be busy watching you all dance than treating you. So, how can we all stay healthy, injury-free, and “on our toes” this holiday season?  Check out some of my tips below.

1. Pay attention to your nutrition and hydration
It is so easy to get busy with rushing to school, work, dance class, and performance that we are often eating on the go or skipping meals.  During this busy time, you have to think of it as preparing your car for a very long road trip in hazardous conditions.  You wouldn’ t drive to Poughkeepsie, NY to visit Grandma without oil and gas in your car.  You can ‘t expect your body to run the marathon of Nutcracker season without proper nutrition.  Frequent meals and snacks, enough protein and fat, and plenty of fruits and veggies are key.  Watch your fluid intake too.  Avoid the temptation to turn to sodas and coffee for quick energy.  These are diuretics, can deplete your hydration, and cause energy crashes.

2.  Get enough sleep and avoid getting sick
Your body has to rest to perform at peak levels.  When your muscles and brain don’ t get enough recovery, you are more at

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